When I look at web sites I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. I see what works well, and see what seems just mediocre. Yet when it came time to design my own web site – I quickly realized I had no idea how to get to that creative place – designing a web site that caught and kept your attention – rather than just a bunch of pictures and information.

That is where Chris Molnar of PinPoint Local took over. We first met so he could learn a bit more about me, the gist of my business and what message I wanted to get across. And from there he took over. He asked me to give him some examples of content, select pertinent pictures from his library, and voila – the first draft was ready. Wow was I impressed.

If you need a web site, or a rework of your existing one, Chris is a resource you really need to meet. With exceptional personable service, a timetable that fits your needs and agenda, Chris will deliver a marketing plan and site that will draw and impress your potential and existing customers!